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  • The heart of the engine that reliably transmits power
  • Undergo ion nitriding hardening process
  • Manufacturing process reduces factory’s environmental impact

As a focus of innovation at the Lycoming Factory, we transformed how we manufacture crankshafts. Genuine Lycoming Crankshafts receive a hardening process,making the core of your engine even more reliable.


Introducing an ion nitriding treatment.

Not only does the ion nitriding system differentiate our crankshafts from the rest, but it also reduces our engine lead time by three days.

Innovating for a better environment.

The Air Transport Action Group cited the ion nitriding system as an aviation climate solution for its contribution to reducing the Lycoming Factory’s environmental impact. With a more energy-efficient manufacturing plant, we eliminated hazardous waste streams, reduced emissions, and improved production efficiency.

  • Reduction of annual CO2 emissions by 1.2 million pounds
  • Reduction of annual electricity usage by 110,000 kWh
  • Reduction of annual water consumption by 400,000 gallons

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