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Lycoming EIS

  • Solid State Electronics
  • Lighter Weight
  • Drop-in Capable Replacement for Magnetos

Our EIS meets the ever-growing performance requirements of modern-day aircraft design, including less maintenance, lower weight, and more spark control than a traditional magneto.

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A more durable drop-in replacement for magnetos

The Lycoming EIS is a drop-in capable replacement for magnetos and provides easy installation and engine startability.  Lycoming EIS is designed to go to TBO and does not include a Lycoming-scheduled maintenance requirement.

Improved Safety

Lycoming’s pursuit of electrical engine technology supports improvements in aviation safety, durability, and performance. The Lycoming EIS accomplishes this enhancement by using a solid-state design that has no moving parts and nearly eliminates scheduled maintenance requirements.

Field and flight tested to meet the needs of Lycoming customers

The Lycoming EIS was developed by SureFly Partners, Ltd. with input from Lycoming’s engineering teams to meet Lycoming’s exacting specifications.  With over two years of research and development, including exhaustive endurance and durability testing, the Lycoming EIS is the only electronic ignition system on the market with the proven performance necessary to bear the Lycoming name.

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