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We are a proud stockist of the Lycoming range. Take a look at some of the Lycoming engines we supply below.

720 Series

Eight-cylinder engine options producing up to 400 hp at 2,650 RPM.
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580 Series

Powerful six-cylinder engines producing 315 hp at 2,700 RPM.
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540 Series

These six-cylinder engines produce 235 to 360 hp at up to 2,700 RPM.
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390 Series

Four-cylinder engines producing 210 hp at 2,700 RPM.
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360 Series

Offering smooth performance & producing 145 to 210 hp.
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320 Series

A reliable engine option, produces 150 or 160 hp at 2,700 RPM.
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235 Series

A four-cylinder engine popular for home-built & OEM-produced aircraft.
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541 Series

Turbocharged, down exhaust, direct drive engine with side-mounted accessories.
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